At Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine we work hard to create a caring and friendly environment. We strive to offer advanced treatment options and personalized care in a comfortable setting.

We think it is helpful for those in the process of choosing a physician to hear about our patients' experiences. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services. We also very much appreciate feedback from our referring physicians.

Physician Testimonials

I highly recommend Dr. Jason Browdy and Advanced Orthopedics. I have known Dr. Browdy personally and professionally since 2008. Dr. Browdy provides excellent orthopedic care coupled with an outstanding bedside manner.

His practice has been very willing and eager to assist in the care of my patients from the simplest of injuries to the most complex joint replacement cases. I personally follow up with my patients and they all have very glowing comments about their experiences at Advanced Orthopedics. I would trust Dr. Browdy with the orthopedic care of myself or my family members.

Dr. Mathew Bruckel, Emergency Medicine, President of Total Access Urgent Care

I will not provide the cliché or generic testimonial that may be typical in these instances. I would like to provide specific reasons why Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is different.

As a referring physician, I have sent numerous patients, colleagues, family members, and friends to Dr. Browdy. There are mainly two reasons I continue to strongly recommend Dr. Browdy and his staff. Dr. Browdy is an elite trained orthopedist, but that you can read on his bio.

However, what the bio doesn't tell you is that Dr. Browdy is not only elite in the quality of orthopedic care he provides, but that he does it without pretension or haughtiness. That is an intangible that is not always present when being treated by physicians of his caliber.

When I refer to Dr. Browdy, I can be sure my patient will be treated well in all facets of care. The second reason I refer is his staff. Dr. Browdy's staff is kind, professional, and efficient.

These are features that are unfortunately not as common as they should be in medical offices. His staff is excellent about getting patients seen in a timely manner and treating them with the utmost respect. That is invaluable for me as a referring physician.

Knowing the quality of care and how my patients will be treated by Dr. Browdy and his staff are why I strongly recommend Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.

Dr. Anthony Miller, Esquire Sports Medicine

Patient Testimonials

Since my first appointment the service has been excellent. Dr. Browdy explained every step to expect and the problems associated with my injury in depth. I didn't have to do any work personally and was taken care of by his friendly staff.

After the surgery I still received great care and attention. I play a lot of sports and they knew the importance of returning back to 100%. They understood my high expectation of full recovery and walked me through the steps to get there.

I am very happy with my results and am amazed at how well I have recovered. Coupling the great surgery with the PT they instructed me to do I am almost back to normal! – Christina W.

Dr. Browdy was wonderful! His office staff worked with me to get me seen quickly for my IT band issue. He was warm, professional, and empathetic and understood my desire to get running again. Dr. Browdy was thorough as he worked to find the cause of my pain and has me on a course of treatment that I am confident will have me back in great shape in no time. I highly recommend him!  – Alexander

I first met Dr. Browdy about 8 years ago on a worker's compensation issue. He and his entire staff were so helpful, considerate, and professional. After that case was resolved I had asked him if I could see him in the future under other health care provisions. Since then I have come to him for all my orthopedic needs.

I live in O'Fallon and drive to Clayton. There are plenty of orthopedic doctors in my immediate area, but I choose to make the extra drive knowing I will be well taken care of by Dr. Browdy and his staff. Before meeting Dr. Browdy, I have gone to other orthopedic doctors and found Dr. Browdy to be the most caring to what the patient needs. Keep up the great work Dr. Browdy! – Kevin T.

The level of service I received from the Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine team was exemplary from my consultation throughout my recovery process post op (torn shoulder labrum). The level of service and expertise was second to none from the time I walked through the doors to being released full duty. Great team, great service, and great attitudes. – Cortez J.

The service at Advanced Orthopedics is great. Dr. Browdy and staff are friendly and care about their patients. I would recommend them to others. – Juawonda N.

Very professional and friendly. I felt that I was completely in good hands and had no real qualms about the surgery. I have been an RN for 40 years, so I am far from new to hospitals and doctors, and I would highly recommend Dr. Browdy and his entire staff to anyone in need of an excellent orthopedic physician. – Sharon G.

I was referred to Dr. Browdy for a second opinion [rotator cuff]. I found the office to be professional and technologically up to date. The staff is professional, friendly, and efficient. During my time with Dr. Browdy, I felt that he listened as I described my symptoms and concerns.

In the end, after examination and evaluation of my symptoms and an MRI that I had from four months earlier, he confirmed the opinion of the first doctor, but was able to offer a less invasive and more effective course of treatment. Now, I'm pain free!

My problem is still there, but I'm symptom free and know that if my problem comes back, Dr. Browdy will again counsel me on the next steps and options available and help me select the appropriate course of treatment that meets my specific needs. – Eve K.

I have been a patient of Dr. Browdy for 3 years. His front office is extremely nice, professional, and very helpful. I have never had to wait long for an appointment. In most cases they do their best to see me the same day.

Dr. Browdy performed reconstructive ACL surgery for my right knee. He did an excellent job and my knee feels great! He has seen me for a number of other issues and he always take the time to explain all my options and treatments so I feel comfortable with any direction we take for treatment.

Anyone looking for an overall outstanding office needs to give Dr. Browdy's Advanced Orthopedics a call. You will not regret it. – Chris M.

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