The care was very professional with a very personable feel! The staff was extremely helpful, informative, and accommodating. Dr. Browdy did an excellent job of educating me about the results of the MRI, about what the surgical procedure would entail, and what my rehab/recovery timeline would look like. The post-op pain was very minimal and I was off pain meds in 24 hours. I have been working out since three months out of surgery and I have not had any pain while working out. In regards to the cosmetic look of the bicep, you cannot tell that I had an injury except for the very small scar. - Todd M

Excellent all around - Robert M

My visits have always been thorough and Amy (Dr. Browdy's PA) is always caring and respectful. - Ramona W

It was fine. Everything was accomplished to my expectation. - Glenn H

The care was great. Dr. Browdy and his staff are very nice and professional. The only negative aspect of my time at AO was the long wait times well after my appointment time. - Michael M

Excellent - Gigi H

Excellent - Paul M

On a scale of 1-10, you are a 9.9, because nobody's perfect. Even though it was worker's comp, I was always treated with respect and compassion, and genuine concern. - Paul W

It was Very nice.. I highly recommend them, the doctor explained everything in detail. made a fast recovery. the Office help was OUTSTANDING!!!! Thank you!!! - Sam A

My experience here was better than I had hoped. The full staff, from Dr. Browdy to receptionists, are all extremely responsive, helpful, and competent. - Daniel G

Friendly & caring - Bryan W

Very professional and friendly. I felt that I was completely in good hands and had no real qualms about the surgery. I have been an RN for 40 years, so I am far from new to hospitals and doctors, and I would highly recommend Dr. Browdy and his entire staff to anyone in need of an excellent orthopedic physcian. - Sharon G

Excellent. The entire support staff was friendly, effective and efficient. I recovered extremely fast from the surgery above expectations. - Josh N

Excellent care! All staff were extremely knowledgable and caring. I recommend Dr. Browdy and his staff without reservation and I will not hesitate to return for any future orthopedic treatment! - Lee B

Excellent care, took time to really diagnose and determine the problem and then to alleviate it. - Susan C

Very good. Very professional. - Craig H

The time I spent at Advanced Orthopedics was outstanding. All the staff were so nice and I felt very comfortable. By the end of the treatment I was friends with many of the staff members and they were always looking out for me. - Grant S

The people were great-knew what they were doing and very nice and concerned. - Matt M

Very pleased - Jeff D

Excellent - couldn't have asked for better! - Kathy I

Everyone there is awesome and Dr. Browdy got me back to work fast so I won't loss my route at Fed Ex. - Faye W

Excellent, Dr. Browdy has an excellent bedside manner. - Steve K

The service at Advanced Orthopedic is Great. Dr. Browdy and staff are friendly and care about their patients. I would recommend them to others. - Juawonda N

Great and friendly service, good assessment to seek treatments besides surgery as much as possible, and helpful explanations! - Wendy D

Staff was friendly, caring, and answered any questions I asked. - Erik K

Excellent. The entire staff was so friendly and helpful on each of my visits. They went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable each time I was at the office. Dr. Browdy spent as much time as I needed explaining the surgery and answering all my questions. He and his staff ROCK!! - Michelle K

Friendly and helpful! Thanks for the information on Tennis Elbow, will be trying out the streching and PT. Hopefully that will do it. - Andrew B

Since my first appointment the service has been excellent. Dr. Browdy explained every step to expect and the problems associated with my injury in depth. I didn't have to do any work personally and was taken care of by his friendly staff. After the surgery I still received great care and attention. I play a lot of sports and they knew the importance of returning back to 100%. They understood my high expectation of full recovery and walked me through the steps to get there. I am very happy with my results and am amazed at how well I have recovered. Coupling the great surgery with the PT they instructed my to do I am almost back to normal! - Christina W

We were nervous walking but as soon as we went to the front desk we felt comfortable welcomed. Dr. Browdy and his team were first class all the way. - Rose S

I have been with Dr. Browdy for the past three years. The staff and the Doctor are wonderful. They worked with me on my pain which was very important since my job requires lots of manual labor, I just recieved a right knee replacement 4 weeks ago and couldnt be happier. I was up and walking without a walker or cane in a week. They coordinate insurance and aftercare after surgery and things could not have gone more smoothly. Dr. Browdy and his staff will always be my choice. - Joseph B

Dr. Browdy has great bedside manner and makes you fell very comfortable. He offers options that you can understand. - Bart P

The staff at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine did an outstanding job of diagnosing the problems with my knee and explaining the problems in lay terms. They also explained my options and setup a follow-up consultation after I decided which course of action I wanted to follow. I left there feeling better than I had when I first visited. - Vincent B

Everyone in the office is very nice, hospitable, caring and knowledgeable. The wait time to be seen though was often long, and the magazines should be updated!

Our personal response to the patient: We totally understand your comments about the wait times. We are constantly working on ways to improve efficiency. And, thank you for the magazine tip! - Maggy N

I first met Dr. Browdy about 8 years ago on a worker's compensation issue. He and his entire staff were so helpful, considerate and professional, after that case was resolved I had asked him if I could see him in the future under other health care provisions. Since then I have came to him for all my orthopedic needs. I live in O'Fallon and drive to Clayton. There are plenty of orthopedic doctors in my immediate area, but I choose to make the extra drive knowing I will be well taken care of by Dr. Browdy and his staff. Before meeting Dr. Browdy, I have went to other orthopedic doctors and found Dr. Browdy to be the most caring to what the patient needs. Keep up the great work Dr. Browdy!!!!! With kindest regards, Kevin T

I received excellent surgical services and wonderful, compassionate care from Dr. Browdy and his entire staff both pre-surgery and post-surgery. - Linda V

1 to 10 scale with 10 being the best. Quality of Care 10 - positive result from surgery Expertise 10 - assurance that some discomforts are normal during the healing stage Empathy 10 - aware of my sports activity interests - Mac M

As this was a workmans comp. case I wasn't sure what to expect from the surgeon. I worried that: a) he might be like a character on an old auto care commercial,"Gee boss I ain't never fixed a meniscus before, can I try?" or b) an overachiever with a PhD in condescension. What I got was a doctor that at the initial consult had read my chart, seen my MRI, and acted like I was the only patient he had to see that day. He asked about a specific medication listed on the paperwork I had just filled out ("You mean someone actually reads that stuff?). He explained options. He listened. And as we talked I became confident, that as surgery was needed to correct my situation, Dr. Browdy was the surgeon I wanted. Having been over one year from the date of surgery I am convinced the decision was a good one - John N

I would recommend Dr Browdy and his colleagues to a person that would like answers to all the issues that concern them. I had professional feedback in a relaxed atmosphere. - Vincent M

I was referred to Dr. Browdy for a second opinion. I found the office to be professional and technologically up to date. The staff is professional, friendly and efficient. During my time with Dr. Browdy, I felt that he listened as I described my symptoms and concerns. In the end, after examination and evaluation of my symptoms and an MRI that I had from four months earlier he confirmed the opinion of the first doctor, but was able to offer a less invasive and more effective course of treatment. Now, I'm pain free! My problem is still there, but I'm symptom free and know that if my problem comes back, Dr. Browdy will again counsel me on the next steps and options available and help me select the appropriate course of treatment that meets my specific needs. - Eve K

My experience with Advance Orthopedics was great. The office staff was very friendly and caring. Dr. Browdy was great and I love the fact that surgery was not the first option that he spoke about. I was involved in a motorcycle accident and didn't want surgery. I would recommend Advance Orthopedics to anyone. - Gregory W

Dr. Browdy was wonderful! His office staff worked with me to get me seen quickly for my IT band issue. He was warm, professional and empathetic and understood my desire to get running again. Dr. Browdy was thorough as he worked to find the cause of my pain and has me on a course of treatment that I am confident will have me back in great shape in no time. I highly recommend him! - Alexander

I have had one of the best experiences with Dr. Browdy and his staff. They will go above and beyond to get my needs met. I will continue to use Dr. Browdy and will refer as many people I know that will need orthopedic care. Thank You !! - Jill C

Excellent, and received the best service and care I have ever seen. - Madeline F

I have been a patient of Dr. Browdy for 3 years. His front office is extremely nice, professional and very helpful. I have never had to wait long for an appointment. In most cases they do their best to see me the same day. Dr. Browdy performed reconstructive ACL surgery for my right knee. He did an excellent job and my knee feels great! He has seen me for a number of other issues and he always take the time to explain all my options and treatments so I feel comfortable with any direction we take for treatment. Anyone looking for an overall outstanding office needs to give Dr. Browdy's Advanced Orthopedics a call. You will not regret it. - Chris M

Quick and Polite, all employees very nice. - Mackenzie P

I was extremely pleased with the care and attention I received during my visits at Advanced Orthopedics. My visits were always efficient and informative. The staff at their office always made me feel comfortable and confident in their medical advice and expertise. I felt like they actually cared about my preparation before surgery and recovery post-surgery. If you are looking for an orthopedic office whose medical knowledge is endless, treats the patients well, and takes the time to be caring while maintaing a well organized and efficient office, then Advanced Orthopedics is right for you. - Amanda A

The level of service I received from the Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine team was exemplary from my consultation throughout my recovery process post op(torn shoulder labrum). The level of service and expertise was second to none from the time I walked thru the doors to being released full duty. Great team, Great service and Great attitudes. - Cortez J

Thank you all so much for taking such good care of me for my meniscus tear repair! I'm always made to feel like I'm their only patient! I'm so happy, I'm going to bring my mom back to them for arthritis treatment! Thank you for everything! - Denise B

Dr. Browdy was very thorough with his knowledge and articulaion of expectations post and pre operation. The staff was very humble and courteous.The only complaint I have is the waiting time to see the Dr. - Theodia A

I found the the care and treatment at Advance Orthopedics excellent. Every thing about my experience was positve. Dr. Browdy, Amy, and the rest of the staff were amazing. I went in thinking i had just broken my collar bone and it would heal on its own. When i was told i needed surgery, it was like someone telling me my leg was falling off. I was very scared. The staff took excellent care of me. My shoulder feels great now. Thank You! - Justin E

Dr. Browdy and his staff have worked closely with me for two and a half years to manage a deteriorating osteoarthritic knee. Their philosophy and approach to patient health, particularly that surgery would be the last resort, was not only refreshing, but also in keeping with my own goals. When it looked like we had exhausted all possibilities Dr. Browdy offered a treatment of platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections, a therapy just starting to be explored for this indication. We discussed at length the procedure which Dr. Browdy had researched carefully. He described thoroughly how the treatment would proceed and what to expect. At the time the treatment started, I was on crutches, could barely walk and was in severe pain. After a 4 week course of treatment and following instructions exactly, I not only am walking but have almost no pain. My knee is stable, and I am able to exercise, walk the dog and function at work. My quality of life is back to what I expect it should be. The staff could not have been more supportive, and Dr. Browdy has been an amazing champion in offering everything at his disposal to achieve this goal. - Mary Beth

In a word simply AMAZING. I had full confidence in Dr.Browdy he is a truly gifted surgeon. Nobody wants to have surgery but if you have to there's know one I would trust more then Dr.Browdy and his medical staff that was outstanding. - Stephen R

I loved Dr. Browdy and his staff. I had a bad experience with a different orthopedic doctor prior to seeing Dr. Browdy, after seeing him for a year about my knee he pretty much told me there was nothing wrong with me, that me knee wasn't hurting me, that my problem was because of my age, weight, and the fact that I was a female. I left his office angry and feeling like it was something that I would have to live with. Going back to the beginning, in May of 2013 I fell and injured my knee. My bersa filled with fluid and after a couple of weeks I was told by a family member, who was a nurse, that I really needed to see someone about it because of the amount of fluid that was in my knee. I made an appointment and was told that I would be seen by the doctors P.A. She drained me knee and informed me that I would most likely need to have it drained again. After draining it on three different occasions the P.A. said that I needed to have an MRI done so make sure there wasn't something else going on. Nothing showed up on the MRI so she drained it a fourth time. Within a few days me knee was full of fluid again. All this time I never once saw the doctor. In May of 2014, a year after I initially hurt my knee, I called the practice and requested to see the doctor. I guess I should have never done that because when he came into the room he asked me what I wanted. He was very rude. He drained it a fifth time but made me feel like I was putting him out. The entire time I was with him I was thinking to myself that I would never make another appointment with him. Six months later I decided that I needed to get a second opinion, I did some research and decided to make an appointment with Dr. Browdy. On my first visit I saw Amy and Dr. Browdy and immediately felt like they listened to me and was told by them that I did have options, I didn't have to live with it. Dr. Browdy did a procedure about two months ago and my knee just keeps feeling better and better. The fluid is gone , my knee is no longer tender to touch. I would recommend Dr. Browdy to anyone that needs an orthopedic doctor. He's the best!!!!! - Angela L

Dr. Browdy was attentive, knowledgeable, and prompt before, during, and after surgery. Highly recommended. - Adam K

The Dr. and his staff were very friendly. I felt like they took their time to listen to me, how I was feeling and my concerns. I will highly recommend this practice. - Angela L

It was wonderful! His staff was very friendly and welcoming, and he was professionally attentive and informative. He had a resident with him, and he did a great job paying attention to my issue while educating the resident at the same time. I couldn't have asked for a better visit. In fact, my fiance has now set up an appointment and is going to see him next week! Thank guys!! - Erin A.

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